Computer science in (NY) schools … or not😡

This is 2015, right? Virtually everyone has a smartphone and knows how to text, use the Internet and play video games. My car talks to me, gets my text messages, allows me to lock it from anywhere, people are working on cars that drive themselves and your watch is as smart as your phone, I read books on my iPad, the entire world is computer science … and then we have our school systems …

are you kidding me?

To ensure that every child can learn the skills required to work in New York City’s fast-growing technology sector, Mayor Bill de Blasio will announce on Wednesday that within 10 years all of the city’s public schools will be required to offer computer science to all students.

Meeting that goal will present major challenges, mostly in training enough teachers. There is no state teacher certification in computer science, and no pipeline of computer science teachers coming out of college.

Fewer than 10 percent of city schools currently offer any form of computer science education, and only 1 percent of students receive it, according to estimates by the city’s Department of Education. [New York Times 9-15-15]

Here is a system that is truly rigged Old Bernie. Where have the people running these schools been for the last century?


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  1. I finally get the free college scam. Offer free college that no kids will be able to use. The government will gave away free money for college but will fail to fund 13 years of education before college. Thus net cost will be low and so will the students ability to compete in the modern world will useful classes such as computer sciences in elementary and high school.


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