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Health Care Spending In Massachusetts Rises Faster Than State’s Goal | Kaiser Health News

Given that the naive left thrives in Massachusetts, the following should not surprise us. Simply waive your magic wand and you can keep health care cost increases level with general inflation. Or, you can simply make it look like you are managing costs.

In the private insurance market, premiums rose more than the year before, but the increase remained modest, at 2.6 percent. The CHIA report says employers and insurers kept premiums low by switching to plans with higher deductibles or by changing co-payments.

“The purpose of insurance is to protect people from out-of-pocket expenditures and so that’s a trend that is worth watching,” CHIA Director Á ron Boros said. “Massachusetts tends to have less use of these products than any other state, but it’s growing faster than any other segment of the market.”

And why are these plans the fastest growing segment of the market? Because they keep premiums lower to meet your goals while shifting more of the burden to patients … you moron‼️  Let me steal a phrase from my favorite Massachusetts naive liberal; “the system is rigged.”

And no, the purpose of insurance is not to protect people from out-of-pocket expenses. If that were true your auto insurance would cover oil changes and tire rotation. The purpose of insurance is to protect against unforeseen, unmanageable financial risk. When it comes to health care unmanageable has come to mean the person who can’t afford a $100 deductible still can afford a $100 tattoo.

BOSTON – For years, Massachusetts has been out in front of other states, trying ideas to change the health system. It passed a state law extending health insurance coverage to almost all citizens four years ahead of the federal health law, and then the commonwealth tried to tackle rising health costs. But the latest numbers are disappointing:

Massachusetts spent $632 million more on health care last year than it aimed to, according to a report from the state’s Center for Health Information and Analysis. The goal, established by a 2012 law, is to keep health care spending in line with the rising costs of other goods and services. Every year the state sets a benchmark. In 2013 — the first year of accountability under the law — Massachusetts stayed well under the cap on health care cost growth. But last year, spending shot right past the 3.6 percent target and hit $54 billion, a 4.8 percent increase over the previous year. “It’s far above the rate of inflation that we’re seeing in the state. It’s far above what family incomes are going up at, and far above what small businesses are seeing in their increased sales,” said Jon Hurst, president of the 3,600-member Retailers Association of Massachusetts. So what happened?

The big jump was at MassHealth, the government insurance plan for low- and moderate-income residents. MassHealth added 379,000 members and saw spending rise $2.4 billion, or 19 percent. Some members became newly eligible through the Affordable Care Act, but most, about 325,000, were automatically enrolled in the months after the Health Connector website crashed.

“Obviously the 19 percent growth in MassHealth is distressing to all of us,” said Marylou Sudders, the state secretary for health and human services. “And this administration is taking steps to redesign and restructure a MassHealth program that is sustainable for the long haul.”

Source: Health Care Spending In Massachusetts Rises Faster Than State’s Goal | Kaiser Health News


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