Medicare scam

The following is from a news report explaining that scammers call Medicare beneficiaries asking them for their Medicare number. 

Once these scam artists get the information they need [Medicare number] they’ll start billing Medicare for services the victim never received. 

Sometimes they’ll bill for the same service multiple times, which could cost thousands of dollars per victim.

The scamming of seniors is bad enough, but the real problem is that the crooks can get away with billing as a health care provider not to mention billing the same service multiple times. 

Oh well, HHS auditors will catch them sometime within the next ten years.


One comment

  1. What he said about HHS so takes them forever to find those who cheated the system..I used to work for Medicaid/Food Stamps..and believe me..there are alot of cheaters out there..its sad because they make it hard for those who really need these services..


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