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The lack of leadership, the hands off,  abandonment policies of Barack Obama with regard to the Middle East are a major cause of the humanitarian crisis now facing Europe and the people of the Middle East and eventually America.

The declining role of America in the world caused by Barack Obama’s policies and world view are leaving openings for the Chinese and Russians (you can now view Chinese war ships along with whales off the Alaska coast). Do you think Putin is done with the Ukraine or Syria?

Nobody likes war or violence, but step back and look at the result of trying to run from conflict; of abandoning world leadership?  We have created an opening for the worst extremists in memory.

Blame George Bush for the Iraq war if you want, that’s what Barack Obama ran against, that’s the problem Obama was going to solve. Instead, he has made things immeasurably worse and maybe irreversible. The next president will be faced with war decisions as a direct result of today’s incompetence and naive policies.

You may say the Middle East is none of our business, but in today’s inter connected world that is not true. It’s like saying economic and political conditions in Central America and Mexico are none of our business, really?  Look around.

That’s my view, what’s yours❓


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  1. It is too bad the silent majority sits back and watches while the crisis unfolds. The term is Leadership. Not follow from behind and then blame others for our indifference.

    Make a positive difference in someone’s life today. Sent via my cell phone – Bill Mitchell


  2. Aren’t those the same European countries who trade with Iran, who welcomed the ayatollah and his cabal of killers when they were in exile, those who only provided lukewarm support to combat ISIS, and terrorists around the world, those who offered no support to the Ukraine, those who criticize Israel for stopping ships with munitions headed for gaza, etc.

    I’m not shedding tears for those guys, particularly the ungrateful French. Remember when we went to bomb Libya after a terrorist strike organized by kadafy, and the French refused to allow us to cross their airspace from England.

    Even now, today, the French pin medals on american heroes who safe lives on trains, but fail to offer support in combating Isis.

    President Obama learned a lot from his French counterparts … Are you all that surprised? This is the expected and anticipated outcome from electing someone who not only opposed the Iraq war, but also opposed the 2007-2008 surge, then once in office, took credit for the success of the surge while failing to negotiate a status of forces agreement.


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