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The dichotomy of capitalism 

The following is an excerpt from a New York Times article about the Pope’s upcoming first visit to the United States:

Francis has long been troubled by what some Argentines of his generation call “savage capitalism.” They see the United States as the home of mining companies and agribusinesses that chew up natural resources, as the military power that propped up dictators during the Cold War and as the neighbor that tries to close its border to migrants fleeing hunger and violence.

Capitalism is far from perfect, the profit motive has a strange affect on some people and causes them to do some terrible things, but in the end more people are better off than under other systems. For all its faults, America has had a stable government for centuries and through crises that have torn most other countries apart.

In the end, isn’t the US the place “migrants fleeing hunger and violence” and dictators want to come?

Those who are troubled by the United States, might be better directing their concern at those countries plagued by unstable governments, poverty, corruption, human rights violations, and from which so many people want to flee.

Where is the real problem? With the country of immigrants or the country of emigrants?


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  1. Sorry, you missed the most important reason why the pope has the position he does on capitalism – he comes from Argentina, which has had three bouts with hyperinflation over his lifetime, and where the standard of living, which was once (100 years ago) about 75 percent of that of the U.S., is now about 1/3 of the U.S! … due in large part to various government interventions,and stupidity that greatly exceed those interventions we suffer from here in the US (the idiocy of Dodd Frank, the unsustainable intervention of quantitative easing, bailouts of GM & Chrysler so UAW retirees can keep pensions and retiree medical benefits at the expense of taxpayers who earn 1/3 the wages and none of the same benefits, solyndra and tesla type crony capitalism, etc. I could go on andonandon…

    The comparison, however is not between capitalism and socialism. Best quip on the effectiveness of socialism comes from Margaret Thatcher – ‘Socialism works quite well, until you run out of other people’s money ‘. (paraphrase). The comparison is among the various forms of capitalism around the world. I just wish the pope would be MORE specific in his comments.

    Remember, estimatesshow that approximately 90+ %t of american families are in the top 1 percent of the world’s population – when comparing incomes and wealth.


  2. I basically agree with you, Mr. Quinn. However, we have reached a watershed wherein the most successful capitalists (e.g. the Koch Brothers) have the financial power to buy local, state, and national elections to ensure that their puppets are elected to further enrich themselves. Capitalism thrives and democracy dies thanks to the Citizens United ruling by the Conservative Supreme Court. (appointed by Bush – the dumb one)
    When Donald Trump entered the race as a Republican, the Koch Brothers’ plans to anoint Scott Walker were abandoned and Walker was exposed as a no-nothing loud mouth currently dying in the polls.
    Donald Trump has the Teapublikkkans in a serious quandary and he knows it. If they anoint him as their nominee, any Democratic candidate will destroy this bombastic blowhard who is all form and no substance. If the Teapublikkkans do not nominate Trump as their candidate, Trump will tear up their silly “loyalty pledge”, run as a third party candidate splitting the red neck vote and any Democratic candidate will win. Thank you, Mr. Trump.


    • Well, you may have a point about Trump, but I don’t think he will get that far.

      Frankly, I don’t buy the buying Congress line. The people still have control with their vote. As long as we keep electing that same people over and over and thus allow them to be influenced, whose fault is it?

      If we accept the notion that those with money control our government, it seems to me we must also accept the idea that the voters are a bunch of uninformed boobs.


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