Democrats Offer Ways to Make College Affordable

You have to give Hillary credit; she is offering a proposal.

Unfortunately making college “affordable” is not unlike making health care “affordable.”  Use someone else’s money to pay for it, but ignore the underlying basic problems. In fact, read the stories written about the proposal and there is a startling parallel with health care reform.

Why should we aim to help people pay for something that is overpriced and overvalued in the first place? Clinton talks about holding colleges accountable, but that is much easier in rhetoric than in reality.

“We will make sure col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties have more skin in the game if they load stu­dents up with debt or programs that don’t lead to good-pay­ing jobs. Stu­dents and tax-pay­ers should not be the only ones left hold­ing the bag. Colleges de­serve a cer­tain amount of respon­si­bil­ity,” Mrs. Clin­ton said at a cam­paign event here on Mon­day.

How does a college assure that ones degree leads to a good paying job or any job? Do colleges select all the courses students take?  Will Hillary ban art majors, history majors or other degrees that rarely lead to good-paying jobs? How does a doctor assure the patient takes his medication?  Colleges (especially public colleges) certainly should be held accountable, but what’s new about that? Who has been minding the store all these years? Where are the politicians who run these public colleges?

Read her plan and it says it will be paid for by cutting tax deductions for the wealthy (not defined) without specifics.  And it says states must ramp up their spending on public colleges. That sounds like more taxes on citizens of the state’s. Is that before or after they deal with their unfunded pension liabilities (for teachers and professors)?

Keep in mind higher taxes on the “wealthy” are already being used for Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security and more and we still have to deal with the fiscal problems facing these programs. Ask Bernie the Hippie about his proposed new taxes on the same people to improve Social Security.

What it doesn’t say, at least in anything publicized, is that students must maintain good grades and complete their education within four years to get a no loan deal.  It does say they must work 10 hours a week, but not where all those jobs on or near a college will come from and it does not say how state schools will cope with a possible influx of new students seeking “free” tuition.

How will taxpayers know they are getting their money’s worth, a return on their investment if you will? (He said in jest).

Hey, as I said, give her credit for putting a proposal out there and one with a bit of substance. However, look beyond the rhetoric because what sounds good in theory still must be feasible and as we are seeing with many elements of Obamacare, that is not always the case.

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