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Illegal Immigrants and government benefits

  1. Many do pay income taxes ($10.6 billion in 2010)
  2. Those working for a legitimate employer do pay Social Security and Medicare taxes but are not eligible to collect benefits (about $15 billion a year)
  3. Are not eligible for any government benefits except schooling for children and emergency medical care
  4. If an illegal immigrant couple has a child in the U.S. that child is a U.S. citizen and the family may be eligible for some benefits such as WIC and SNAP (food stamps)
  5. Some illegal immigrants do receive benefits for which they are not eligible by using forged documents


imageThe immigration problem is far more complex than building a wall or granting broad amnesty. Β If we were smart, we would be seeking ways to turn the desire to immigrate to America to our advantage. Instead we have idiots at both ends of the political spectrum creating misinformation.


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  1. We admit well over 1mm people legally into the U.S. every year, sometimes many more. Sure, we could do a better job of selecting who gets green cards from the tons of people who apply.

    The right answer is to transfer all of the cost of the administration onto illegals, so that once detained they must pay for the costs of administering justice – essentially forfeiting any and all assets as necessary to cover the bills – for themselves and any other illegals. If there are insufficient assets, we should place financial sanctions on their place of citizenship.

    Using that method, trump won’t have to build a wall, the various countries of Central America will fund it to avoid the costs.

    The financial sanctions would initially take the form of curtailing wealth transfers to the homeland for anyone who is not a u.s. Citizen or legal alien. If that is not enough, next comes regular financial sanctions, such as those imposed on Iran.

    Escalate as needed through the banking and financial systems.


  2. In my opinion illegal immigrants already broke the law so kick them out, period.

    Since the average American family size is shrinking and the baby boomers are retiring, I think that there is opportunity for legally allowing a larger increase of immigrants into the work force. They should be young to replace the retirees. By making them legal they can work above the table and therefore could legally pay taxes which can help support the federal deficit and be entitled to benefits.

    Smart policy making could possibly let X number of immigrants in based on unemployment numbers say 3-4%. If the numbers go above that the immigrants would have to wait to enter the US to ensure all Americans born or naturalized have a chance to find a job first. The X number probably could be larger than whatever the limit is today if there is one.

    Once they are in the US give them a time table to get naturalized or kick them out. Once they are naturalized they stay during economic down turns.

    I would also make them speak English and shorten the red tape and shorten the tests to become naturalized citizens. Most of these people who do become naturalized citizens are better citizens because they care and want to vote unlike some of the high school drop outs who want free handouts.

    Government benefits are really a big Piozzi scheme. The young worker pay the benefits of the older workers. Japan which had a very strict immigration policy is running out of workers to replace the retiring workers and it is creating problems. I think this is why we need a legal path for those who want to come to the US.

    I am sure there are lots of problems with what I just stated but I think there can be some kind of workable frame work that could be successful.


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