Do You Agree With This Man?

His main sell­ing point to Democ­rats is that he has the courage of the party’s cur­rent con­vic­tions. His an­i­mat­ing concern is in­come equality, and his so­lu­tion is much higher taxes. He’d raise in­come tax rates, lift the income cap on the pay­roll tax and im­pose a death tax sur­charge, for starters.

He thinks gov­ernment is too small, en­ti­tlements should be more generous, and free trade is a betrayal of the Amer­i­can worker. He admires Greece’s Syriza Party and praised its re­jec­tion of Europe’s bailout terms. WSJ 7-8-15

Is this the way you see America, as Greece? Do you believe higher taxes will close the income gap? Do you want a country where your financial security and total income is based on government largess and “free” stuff paid for by other Americans?

IMG_2437Do you really believe that a government taking more and more in taxes and filtering it through a bureaucracy into a variety of programs is economically best for Americans?

And most important, do you believe that a population dependent on government can sustain the competitive edge, the fire and drive necessary to today’s world?

If your answers are, yes … please explain why, please. 


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