Greeks off the coast- no warning⁉️😨

“How can some­thing like this hap­pen with­out prior warn­ing?” asked An­ge­liki Psarianou, a 67-year-old re­tired pub­lic ser­vant, who stood in the driz­zle af­ter ar­riv­ing too late at one empty ATM in the Greek cap­i­tal. “I want Tsipras to tell me how I am go­ing to make it through the week with €10 in my bag with rent com­ing up. It has never been as bad as this.”. WSJ 6-29-15

Greece is in trouble, is there anyone who doesn’t know this, except maybe the Greeks?

The ex­pi­ra­tion of cor­po­rate tax breaks in 2006 prompted an ex­o­dus of phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and other manufactur­ers, nudg­ing the is­land into a deep re­ces­sion…

The econ­omy, mean­while, faces big struc­tural prob­lems. Sprawl­ing bureau­cracy and high elec­tric­ity costs stunt busi­ness in­vest­ment. Tax evasion runs ram­pant. Un­em­ployment is high, at 12%, and fewer than half of all civil­ians are in the la­bor force, com­pared with around 63% on the main­land.

Econ­o­mists say a bloated wel­fare state dis­cour­ages work—the share of the working-age pop­u­la­tion on disability is nearly 50% higher than in the 50 states —while a min­imum wage that is high rel­a­tive to productivity and local income re­duces job op­por­tu­ni­ties for young and low-skilled work­ers.  WSJ 6-29-15

Are there lessons to be learned in all this?  Read the above paragraph. It’s the classic I want more, but let somebody else pay for it. In other words the drum beat of the liberal left. If you want all the “free” stuff and generous benefits being promised by the likes of Old Brrnie and Old Liz, you better also ask how it will really be paid for …. but of course, you probably won’t ask; no sense moving beyond the good news. But you may want to consider why tax evasion is so high in these situations. 

PS Just so you know, those second two paragraphs above are talking about Puerto Rico 😂


  1. Wilson, clearly you are suffering from heat stroke. Go to a cool dry place, place towels over your torso and ask family and friends to douse you with ice water every 20 minutes. Don’t move until you can think clearly and say, “conservatives rule, lefties drool,” three times in a row without vomiting. Here’s to a speedy recovery.


    1. During the ensuing 17 months, Vince, you will experience “conservative fools facing the fatality of reality” – Good Luck with the 14 fools in your Teapublican clown car. I can’t wait for August to watch Trump, Cruz and Christi insult each other and every other Teapublican in live TV so all of America will see what bigoted, racists and idiots you support.


  2. As our nation and the civilized world more and more embraces and exhibits the reality that is contrary to your senile ideology, you refuse to acknowledge that this is year 2015 and you rant and rave on. Recent SCOTUS rulings do not concur with your aging Reich-wing ideology. Half-breed and half Communist Ted Cruz now wants the justices to stand for election. Idiot Hindu Bobby Jindal wants to eliminate the Supreme Court. Do you enjoy the company that your are in?


    1. “Half-breed” “Hindu” quite racist don’t you think? But I bet you favor burning that old Confederate battle flag that causes racism? 😜


      1. “Half-breed” is a fact, not racist. “Hindu” is a fact, not racist. the Confederate battle flag did not “cause racism”. It is a clear symbol of racism. The planned rally by the Ku Klux Klan is all the evidence needed. I know that you abhor what is happening in our nation and in the entire civilized world, but you must learn to deal with it.


      2. Half breed is a derogatory term just like Redskin. And using Hindu as you did would be irrelevant unless you meant to demean him.


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