The American Dream … it’s still there if you look for it. 

My wife has a cleaning lady come every two to three weeks to help her. The lady is Portuguese and has a few young girls also Portuguese who help her. Her family lives here, but she frequently returns to Portugal to visit. 

It’s not the most desirable job and it doesn’t pay all that well, but it’s honest work and this lady has built herself a nice little business and it appears she helps others with a job when they arrive from Europe. 

If you didn’t have all the facts this would be the perfect story for the liberal cause, a women, an immigrant, a person working for a low wage cleaning other people’s houses. It’s the scenario for the cause of helping the less fortunate. 

Actually it’s the story of hard work, making your own opportunities, overcoming obstacles and doing what you have to do to be successful. 

I mentioned to her today that I was planning a trip to Portugal later this year. She pulled out her cell phone and showed me pictures of her home and land in Portugal … with professional tennis courts, a pool, and outdoor kitchen; it was beautiful to say the least. 

God bless her!  There are still people who can overcome obstacles including the language barrier and achieve their goals. 


  1. She most likely paying a higher percent of her earnings for taxes then people earning over $200,000.00. That is where the problem exists.


  2. I see spell check dogs you too. Now I do not feel so bad when I post something from my phone and “the system” changes the word on me making me look somewhat foolish.

    Make a positive difference in someone’s life today. Bill Mitchell


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