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DeBlasio, Warren and the far left want more of the same

I’m not sure why the Mayor of New York is spending the City’s time running about the Country pushing his progressive agenda when NYC needs attention. The homeless shelters are disgusting, the pre-K program is 25% over budget and yet only the ideology seems to matter, but that’s New York’s problem.

Your problem is sifting through the rhetoric trying to figure out how what the left proposes will actually be accomplished; how it can affect you. Get ready for more attacks on CEOs and corporations and as you hear all this remember this post where there are facts. 

You will hear about raising taxes on the wealthy, increasing the capital gains tax, closing so-called loopholes, etc. Okay, then what? More of the same types of federal programs that apparently haven’t worked all that well for the last fifty years? It all sounds so simple; raise taxes on some Americans and the rest of us will somehow be better off. Ask yourself how?

imageThen we have those CEOs. Keep in mind there are only 500 large corporations in America and relative few Americans work for those organizations. Ask yourself, other than providing fairness fodder for the extreme left, how does the salary of those 500 CEOs affect you?

Then we have corporations. Admittedly corporations or more accurately the people running corporations (again only a few of the businesses in America) do some stupid, greedy things, some short-sighted things focused on the next earnings report and the incentives that encourage that need to change. Some of those actions adversely affect their employees.  But let’s not overestimate the national impact of such actions.

In the end you need corporations to make money, to pay dividends, and for their stock price to increase even if you have never worked for a company close to the S&P 500. Why? Because retirees depend on dividends, because your IRA, your 401k and other investments can only grow when the stock market continues to grow. If you are lucky to have a pension as are virtually all government workers Republican or Democrat, your retirement security is based on the growing value of stocks. If you are the federal government, you need successful corporations to pay their taxes.  If you are looking for a job, only growing, successful companies are going to hire.

The progressive left boils things down into mindless simplicity giving you only part of the equation. Everything is connected, there are consequences to feel good short-sighted “solutions” focused on dragging down the top.

You might want to ask about the implications of the redistribution philosophy and of attacking our economic drivers. 


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