You can’t afford to what?

imageAbout one in five workers don’t take advantage of their 401(k) plans at work, the Center for Retirement Research estimates. These employees aren’t just missing out on tax breaks for retirement plans, they’re usually also forgoing a matching contribution from their employer. Far more workers are not maximizing their tax advantages or their employer match. 

I bet your first reaction is, “because they can’t afford to save,”. Wrong‼️

There may be things these folks can’t afford, but they all come after retirement saving, especially when saving includes free money from the employer.

Time is the leverage you have for retirement savings, save early and let your money grow as long as possible. Even if you absolutely must reduce or suspend saving at some point in the future, you are better off if you have saved early and have money working for you. 


  1. I know of one co-worker who did not participate in the company 401k. We could not change his mind. He always lived above his means, leased cars for everyone in the family, etc. Now he retired and is still having to work because did not plan wisely. Time passes fast. You need a home (no mortgage), 401k, pension, some CD’s and social security and you can join me every winter in Florida.


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