If Republicans force Obama to veto repeal of Obamacare

“Our plan is to use it (reconciliation) to re­peal Oba­macare and I hope we stick to the plan,” said Rep. Gary Palmer (R., Ala.), also on the bud­get panel. The Sen­ate budget, ap­proved last month, did in­clude a re­peal of the health law. WSJ 4-20-15

If the Republican Congress makes an attempt to repeal Obamacare (which isn’t actually happening), it will be one of the dumbest moves in history. It will rally the left against those uncaring radical Republicans. It will scare people on the margins who are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act (many who identify as Republican, if not Teaparty).  It will give Democrats the perfect example of irresponsible actions.

It’s just incredibly dumb, period.

There is just so much misinformation both for and against Obamacare it is immensely risky to assume what people think of the Law, what they understand and what they don’t. Obamacare is not doing all the great things supporters claim nor is it the end of the free world as opponents lament.

Look at the key elements that are causing angst and fix them, tell people the truth about how it all works, ease the restrictions on compliant plan provisions so people can buy a catastrophic plan. Make the adult children rule reasonable. Rethink those benefits that must be covered in full … and more.

Exercise some common sense‼️

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