Texas Father Gets Portrait Of Newborn Son Tattooed On Face (Photos)

Is this the kind of struggling middle-class moron we are so worried about, you know those hard-working folks with no money to spend and too irresponsible to actually get married? Who knows what this story doesn’t tell us. You really need to check out the link below and see the other side of his face.

A man in Texas decided to get a portrait of his infant son tattooed on the entire side of his face, and no this is not a joke.

A photo (below) of the facial tattoo was recently posted to the “Trashy” Reddit thread and a writer for Starcasm tracked down the young Texas dad’s Facebook page.

While the tattoo is a nice tribute to his son, the man’s girlfriend and child’s mother was worried about him having trouble finding work because of the ink.

imageFortunately, in December, the man, identified only as Chris, posted that he landed a job as a certified electrician and the couple was expecting their second child. He also goes by “wdyjgfy” on Instagram, but his account has been set to private.

Check out the photo and what the other side of his head looks like below:

via Texas Father Gets Portrait Of Newborn Son Tattooed On Face (Photos).


  1. Another “everyday” American, sure to vote for those who promise entitlement expansion funded by taxes on someone else. Quit your complaining.


  2. The sad part is that they have these children that grow up in this environment and will follow the leader (yup good ole’ dad or mom). What type of job would some of these people hold? If this is their mentality would I want them representing my company? Some of these folks that can’t even afford to put food on the table are sporting thousands of dollars worth of tattoos covering their bodies, some looking like they clothes but in reality they are full color tattoos (or some call “body art”.


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