Get ready for the populist blitz

The progressive left is gearing up a populist agenda for the next election with the initial goal of influencing the Democratic candidate, that is, Clinton. 

No doubt the following will resonate with many Americans. Why not, it all sounds great. Why bother asking why this was barely even talked about during the time Democrats had full control of Congress. Details, details😱

If any group was serious about helping America it would be talking about term limits – heaven forbid😂

Does anyone seriously believe any politician is going to reduce big money in politics, in this case lawyer and union money and more?  The rest of it just sounds good, but is quite misleading. What does it all mean? As usual, the left is not interested in talking about the fundamental problems we face. Instead of being debt free, why is tuition so high? Instead of blaming the banks, why a sub-prime everyone should own a home policy?  What will they do to create more sharing of economic growth … if their policies allow that to happen?

The point as usual is get down to basics, talk details, look at the real underlying problem, not merely populist sounding rhetoric. How about first fixing Social Security and then worry about expanding it?

And by the way, all this talk is not limited to the left. 

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee(PCCC) petition includes:

😃establishing a national goal of debt-free college at all public colleges and universities, 

😏expanding Social Security benefits instead of cutting them, 

😋creating millions of clean-energy jobs,

😞reducing big-money influence in politics, 

😎breaking up the “too big to fail” Wall Street banks that crashed our economy, 

😴and ensuring that working families share in the economic growth they help create.”

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