Social Security 2016 COLA 

Based on the current trend in the CPI-W there will be no Social Security COLA in 2016. Retirees better hope for a rising cost-of-living, or not. Since July, August and September 2014, each month thereafter has seen a lower CPI-W. 

In order for there to be a COLA in 2016 the average CPI-W for July, August, September 2015 must exceed the average for the same period in 2014. It’s not looking good at the moment, but, of course, we have several months to go. 


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  2. All I can say is it is tough making it in the community where demands of HOA’s and fees, co-pays, insurances and utilities are going up (electric, gas and cable) and the increases are not being considered for the seniors still trying to live in the community. Sure would be nice to be able to take a vacation sometime instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Credit cards are outrageous if one has to use them. There aren’t any single digit interest rates, (even with a credit score of over 700) and has anyone ever tried to get their interest rate lowered – good luck and most of them after a year are over 20%, so guess Cable and stay at home will be the only thing I can do. No vacations to see this beautiful country that we live in as there is just enough money to pay the bills and nothing for a well needed change of environment for a few days. Then there are the car repairs, the lawn care and upkeep of the house’s needs (things as seniors we can’t do and have to pay for with those costs going up as well) leaving very little for enjoyment these days. thank God for television and the computer – that’s my form of entertainment


    1. Yours is not an unusual story, but that is the danger of living only or mostly on Social Security. Sadly, many seniors are in this position.


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