The political liberal mind

President Obama:

“For far too long, lobbyists have rigged the tax code with loopholes that let some corporations pay nothing while others pay full freight. They’ve riddled it with giveaways that the superrich don’t need, while denying a break to middle-class families who do. We don’t just want everyone to share in America’s success, we want everyone to contribute to our success.”

This is what you call populist rhetoric. It sounds pretty good, huh?

There is just one problem. It’s “they.” Did you notice there is no reference to Members of Congress, our elected representatives who actually write and enact laws and who are responsible for seeing them correctly administered? And who by the way are mostly among the wealthy and frequently lawyers.

So, if you heard these words and jumped for joy, jumped on the bandwagon and automatically condemned Republicans, you have been duped, you are being conned. Lobbyist lobby for their positions, try to influence to their benefit as we all do in one way or another. The AARP is a lobby that lobbies for seniors without regard to the impact on younger generations. The trial lawyers lobby to protect their tort income and also are one of the largest contributors to politicians (mostly Democrats).

But what really matters is not what is said in rhetoric, but what isn’t. Lobbyists would be useless if it weren’t for the unethical, greedy, short-sighted people we elect to represent us and then reward by re-electing them. Those who dispense this rhetoric are either pathetically naive or intentionally misleading the uniformed seeking others to blame.

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