Social Security disability/Old Liz and Yemen

As I sit hear waiting for the blizzard to arrive and dump a couple of feet on us, I was just reviewing something old Liz Warren said about Social Security disability and there being no crisis. She was referring to the need again to transfer money from the retirement trust to the disability trust which is rapidly running out of funds.

I was wondering if she truly believes that taking from one bucket to give to another bucket has no impact on the first bucket when the first bucket already is leaking itself? You know, like not paying one credit card so you can make the minimum payment on another and ignoring the higher interest you will pay on the first card. Do they teach basic math at Harvard?

How did I get off on this tangent? Oh wait, allow one unrelated thought as long as I am rambling. I was watching one of those Sunday morning talk shows and they had someone on behalf of the White House talking about Yemen and the Middle East. The host asked some good questions like didn’t you guys see the rebels coming in Yemen, isn’t this event going to affect our ability to fight terrorism there? His answers were the most convoluted, naive dribble I have ever heard. Even the host who was trying to be friendly, was surprised at some of the answers. John Mc Cain was the follow-up and even if you don’t like him, at least he made sense.

So what has this to do with Old Liz and Social Security disability? One thing; further evidence of the naive, shallow, short-sighted thinking of the American left. They can’t seem to grip fundamental problems before they go off proposing populist sounding solutions.

Back to the issues at hand … I think😏

Liz doesn’t think there is a problem with Social Security disability and we should just throw more money at it. Look at the data below. Look at the increases since 2007. Do you think any of this has more to do with the employment situation than an increase in disabled people? Do you think this reflects people just dropping out of the workforce because they can get early Social Security? Do you think all these people are truly disabled to the point they cannot be employed? If our programs designed to help those in need were managed to do just that, a lot of problems would be solved.

Did I get gas for the snowblower?



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