Fixing inequality – the Obama way

billy_bully_dunce_lg_clrLet’s say you live in a nice town with two school districts. Both schools are funded from local property taxes and receive equal funding.  However, for some reason School One students have a grade average of B and do well on tests. School Two does not do so well. In fact, its students have an average grade of D, do poorly on tests and even have a higher than normal dropout rate.

Obviously, School Two needs to do better. We need to raise the overall performance of School Two.  How do we do that?

Well if you are of the apparent mindset of our President, you take resources from School One and give them to School Two in the hope that will raise the performance of that school.  The fact that School One’s performance may now drop to an average of C even while School Two rises to C is of no consequence.  The long sought after equality has been achieved.

The real answer, of course, if finding out why School Two is not performing as it should.  Is it a poor allocation of provided resources, poor teachers, poor administration, the motivation of the students and parents, etc.? Fixing the fundamental problem is the real answer, convincing people that equality always means taking from someone else is a farce.



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