I guess low approval ratings do matter

According to the New York Times:

He (President Obama) will kick off that effort on Wednesday when aides expect him to hold a news conference seeking bipartisan accommodation on issues of mutual interest, and he plans to host Republican and Democratic leaders at the White House on Friday. At the same time, aides said, Mr. Obama is eager to throw off the constraints of a campaign that he did not direct and begin to defend his record in a more robust way.

Isn’t it too bad the “hope and change” turned into frustration and dysfunction? Right out of the box Democrats used their power to ram through the Affordable Care Act simply because they had the power to do so, and the arrogance. They got what they wanted, but set in motion one of the most divisive laws in decades. And then the Administration continually demonstrated its inability to lead and execute what it had enacted.

From Bloomberg.com

Obama was also clearly a drag on Democrats, with 55 percent of those voting telling exit pollsters that they either somewhat or strongly disapprove of the president’s job performance. In the most closely watched states for Senate control, the exit polls provide the answers behind wins and losses.

I blame the attitudes and mind sets of Obama appointees and his White House staff; a reflection in many cases of their generational perspectives and ideology over substance and practicality.

“Bipartisan  accommodation?” It’s a little late for that‼️ This President is the lamest of ducks and political attention will turn away from him toward the 2016 candidates. Now the risk is that the Administration turns it frustration into more liberal ideology aggression which in turn leads to even greater dysfunction in Washington.

What a mess … and the sad thing is it didn’t have to be this way.  Both parties moving toward the center may actually have accomplished something most Americans could be proud of. Instead nothing has happened to solve our major long-term problems and we cheer a short-term decline in the deficit and ignore the warnings that this is only temporary and that the ever-growing federal debt will someday be a critical problem


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