Raising the Minimum Wage Would Benefit LGBT Families

There appears no end to this Administrations desire to divide and segment Americans. I find this type of propagandizing reprehensible and insulting to all Americans.

Enough already with the nonsense; raise the minimum wage and let the consequences fall where they may‼️

LGBT Americans have made great strides in acceptance in recent years, and as the result of actions across the country and those initiated by President Obama, they enjoy more rights than at any other time in our nation’s history. With greater acceptance and protections, LGBT Americans have a better shot at climbing the ladders of opportunity that allow everyone to succeed, and the promise that if you work hard and play by the rules, then you can get ahead.

However, recent reports make clear that many LGBT workers are struggling to make ends meet. Contrary to the popular myth that they are childless, high-income earners with lots of disposable income, many are employed in low-wage jobs and supporting families. In fact, many of America’s estimated 5.4 million LGBT workers would benefit greatly from increasing the national minimum wage.

Consider the following:

LGBT couples raising children are twice as likely to have household incomes near the poverty line compared to their married or partnered non-LGBT counterparts.

Single LGBT adults raising children are three times more likely to have incomes near the poverty line compared to single non-LGBT individuals raising children.

7.7 percent of male same-sex and 14.1 percent of female same-sex couples receive food assistance, compared to 6.5 percent of different-sex married couples.

Male couples are more likely to be poor than married different-sex couples – after controlling for other factors influencing poverty.§

African-American same-sex couples have poverty rates at least twice the rate for different-sex married African Americans.

Transgender people are nearly four times as likely to have household income under $10,000 per year than the population as a whole (15 percent vs. 4 percent).

Gay and bisexual men experience a wage penalty and earn between 10% and 32% less than heterosexual men, even when controlling for education, occupation, and region.

Lesbian women are affected by the gender wage gap, with the overall impact amplified for two-worker lesbian couples.

7.6 percent of lesbian couples are experiencing poverty, compared to 5.7 percent among different-sex couples.

Poverty rates for female same-sex couples and unmarried different-sex couples are higher than those of married different-sex couples.

Raising the national minimum wage – stuck now at $7.25 per hour for more than 5 years – to $10.10 would go a long way to helping LGBT workers and their families. It would benefit 28 million American workers overall, directly lifting 2 million out of poverty. Up to 3.8 million Americans would earn enough so that they no longer need food stamps. And, let’s keep in mind that boosting wages boosts demand. With an economy driven by consumer spending, more money in the pockets of the working poor means more money spent in local stores – stimulating economic growth.

via Raising the Minimum Wage Would Benefit LGBT Families.


  1. When the silent majority end up paying $25.00 for a simple burger, it will be too late – this dysfunctional administration will have won. This is another diversion of this administration to distract and divide the nation thereby keeping the real important issues such as security and well being of this nation hidden from view. Feeding the masses by taking from those of us with the ability and determination to succeed will ultimately bring this nation to it’s knees.


  2. To Hell with all of your details, Quinn. All the polls that I have seen demonstrate that the majority of Americans support raising the minimum wage. Just as all of the polls showed that the majority of Americans supported background checks for the purchase of firearms. Neither has or will be enacted so long as oligarchy-supported Republicans control either house of congress.
    In this nation, with a government purported to be “of the people, by the people and for the people”, A “representative” Congress is failing us. The political party divisions could not be more clear. The Democratic majority in the Senate proposes laws to support the will of our people while John Boehner refuses to bring those bills to a vote in the house because he is afraid that the bills would pass into law and the Tea Party would then unseat him.
    Yes, members of both parties receive campaign contributions from very wealthy donors. Now tell me why it is that only Democrats are opposed to this situation? Could it be that only the Democrats care about the welfare of “the people” and cannot be bought?
    I am sick to death of Republicans demonizing our president at every turn, publically destroying our world image, suppressing the vote in more than 30 states, promoting more warfare to enrich their supporters, making every effort to deprive our people of affordable health care, et al. (an unending list of unpatriotic evil)
    Take a moment, Mr. Quinn. Stand back and think it all through. I am sure that you will then come to realize and understand that all of this national paralysis and disfunctionalism is resulting from blatant racism combined with unbridled and sinful avarice. Wilson gotcha!


    1. Yes, that’s it. Only Democrats care about people … or maybe there is a form of caring that is based on long-term solutions as opposed to trapping people into mediority and just maybe some people need to change their behavior and take some responsibility. As far as details go, they are not mine, but rather the Department of Labor, which as you may realize was the point of this post. If all of what you speak is the will of the people, why don’t the polls reflect that? The will of the people is going to be apparent on November 4th one way or the other.


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