My changing perspective; a good run

In my youth or middle age (hopefully no more than twenty years ago) I occasionally pursued the obituaries. I wasn’t looking for any name I recognized rather I jumped to the bottom of the write up to see the age of the deceased. Sometimes there was no age; I took that as a good sign.

I recall finding someone age 70 or 75 and thinking, they had a good run‼️ No they didn’t, what was I thinking? As I got older, my definition of a “good run” increased. It’s at the point where immortality is looking reasonable.

Now that I have passed my previous low end “good run” definition I’ve decided to set new standards; nothing less than three digits. Better still, I’ve given up reading the paper.

It’s funny how your perspective changes isn’t it?


One comment

  1. I could not agree with more
    Here is something that I entered for another blog which may be apropos here. It was entered as a comment for a picture of a well worn Barbour jacket and I do mean well worn:
    Here is the comment. Try it on for size (pun intended):
    “This jacket in the photo reminds me of me.
    It is clearly an old, well worn Barbour leather jacket but well made and from a proud line. I bet it’s been well traveled, too.
    It has seen better days, that is clear, but it is still clearly very functional with no visible flaws and looks good for its age. Though apparently quite old it has character and no doubt has quite a few more years left in it.
    Just like me….”
    There was a time that I would have ignored that picture never mind commenting on it.


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