If you like Barack Obama, you are going to love this

If you want an avowed socialist and a (another) frustrated academic running America, you may be in luck. See the article below. Apparently middle-of-the-road is out of favor (along with prudence and common sense), rather our choices my be the extreme at either end of the political spectrum both of which throw reality out the window.

Scary stuff indeed.

As some lib­er­als see it, Ms. War­ren and Mr. Sanders are more trusted ad­vo­cates of their in­ter­ests. Ms. Warren has skew­ered credit card companies and mort­gage lenders, ac­cus­ing them of ex­ploit­ing peo­ple who aren’t fi­nan­cially savvy.

Ben Co­hen, co-founder of Ben and Jer­ry’s ice cream and a long­time Democratic donor, said he would like to see Mr. Sanders and Ms. War­ren run. “Hav­ing ei­ther Bernie or Eliz­a­beth run would be a won­der­ful thing for the coun­try,” Mr. Co­hen said. Both, he said, “are stand­ing up for the rights of the major­ity of the population.”

As for Mrs. Clin­ton, he said: “I see Hillary as part of the mid­dle-of-the-road main­stream gov­ern­ment that is es­sen­tially in bed with these cor­po­rations.”

A three-month-old su­per PAC called “Ready for War­ren” is plan­ning to ramp up its ef­forts af­ter the midterm elec­tions, hir­ing staff in New Hamp­shire, Iowa and South Carolina to help ig­nite a War­ren-for-pres-i­dent move­ment, peo­ple with the group say.

Pe­ter Nicholas at peter.nicholas@wsj.­com Y

[Like Ben Cohen the hippy is an expert on running a business and not above gaining a few million from a large corporation]

Here are some examples of the Warren point of view.

Find me one corporation that denies anyone, man or women health care. Of course, if you are so warped you believe not paying for someone else’s birth control pill that they have been paying for all along is now denying care, I guess she has a point. On the other hand, Medicare won’t pay for acupuncture which many people need. If we could only get more women to use acupuncture we might have a cause. We could call it the war on needles or better still the war on Chinese Americans.

The Equal Pay Act was voted into law in 1963. Below is a history of charges filed.

And by the way Bernie Sanders thinks Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit or debt. Bernie, you are living in the past.

Be careful of populist inciting rhetoric. It is as outrageous and damaging as right wing lies and half truths.

Does anyone seriously believe that “Republicans” are opposed to equal pay for women? If so why? In fact, here is what the Act Warren is referring to would do.

In a not-so-surprising move, Republican senators, including all four Republican women, unanimously voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act on Monday night. The law would make it easier for employees to talk about wages—and potentially help women learn whether they earn less than their male colleagues. It would also force employers to explain or justify why two similarly qualified workers earn different wages.

Think about the above for a minute. Think about merit pay, incentive compensation, privacy, relationships among workers, pay for performance, the potential burden on employers. This is an excellent example of ignoring the consequences of high-minded sounding legislation. Before we head down this path we better all agree on what we mean by equal pay. Republicans didn’t vote against equal pay for women they voted against seriously flawed legislation.




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  1. Bernie Sanders is misguided about carpetbagger sHillary. She is as far to the left as he and Mrs. Warren. She did not misspeak the other day when she said corporations do not create jobs, we already tried that trickle down theory and it doesn’t work. The way she said it that day is the way she meant it and is what she really believes. She is a lawyer and they never say anything without thinking about it first. She simply forget about the implications for her power greedy grab at the presidency.


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