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How People Feel About Their Employer-Sponsored Health Plans – NYTimes.com

Some surprises are not good. Some not good surprises are not necessary.

When it comes to health benefits, whether it be through a marketplace plan or employer coverage, surprises are not necessary. The sad fact is most people do not pay attention to their coverage either before or after they enroll. Yes, it takes time and effort, but the not good surprises may be very costly and may affect your access to health care.

Very shortly most Americans will be faced with choices during the annual open enrollment period and being informed is critical

“What we’ve heard anecdotally from people with health plans is more people are signing up for high-deductible health plans and then being surprised that they have to pay the deductible,” she said. That’s a concern on the new health insurance marketplaces, too. Early evidence suggests that people tended to opt for cheaper plans, many of which came with high deductibles — meaning that the newly insured may face some of the same financial strain if they get really sick.

The survey results are consistent with trends in the employer-based market. Deductibles and co-payments have been rising, as a growing number of employers embrace the idea that giving workers more of a financial stake in their medical care will help reduce overuse. “It’s been going up over the past few years,” said Gary Claxton, a director of the Health Care Marketplace Project at the Kaiser Family Foundation, which runs a comprehensive annual survey of the employer insurance market. And no one likes paying high insurance premiums or out-of-pocket costs.

via How People Feel About Their Employer-Sponsored Health Plans – NYTimes.com.


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