Protesting Israel

Hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank protested Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip on Friday, as an 18th day of fighting in the coastal territory claimed the life of an Israeli soldier, an Islamic Jihad official and more Palestinian civilians.

Protesters waving the green flag of Hamas marched through the center of Ramallah, calling on Israeli forces to get out of Gaza and urging the leaders of the Fatah movement, a longtime rival of Hamas, to support Gaza’s Islamist leaders. WSJ July 25, 2014

Excuse me, but wasn’t it Hamas that started all this? Isn’t it Hamas that is the instigator? Isn’t it Hamas that initially sent rockets indiscriminately into civilians? Who dug the tunnels to be used to attack Israel? Exactly what are these protestors protesting, a country defending itself?

Of course, there is blindness to any compromise solution on both sides, but you would think that after sixty plus years intelligent people would figure out that violence doesn’t work. Too bad as much energy doesn’t go into finding a way to create a Palestinian State with security for Israel.


  1. SOLUTION… quit shooting at Israel and Israel will stop shooting at you!!!!!!!!!… I agree with Joan Rivers……


    1. Good suggestion BJ. Doubtful Hamas will do this until they make their propaganda points. Curious what our friend Rob thinks of this solution?


  2. What I don’t understand is why does Israel get a free pass? They ignore international pressure to stop settlements in the West Bank, they scupper any realistic compromise for a two state solution, the international media largely ignores the killing of unarmed Palestinian teenagers and, although the US would be skewered for killing civilians, Israeli missiles are killing civilians by the hundreds. I’m not saying Hamas is in the right, they are a horrible terrorist organization and are using civilians as shields, but Israel seems to be able to operate with impunity with no consequences from the rest of the world. I just don’t understand our blind support. At some point, we have to say our support is not unconditional.


    1. I don’t think Israel gets a free pass at all. Look at news reports and it’s all about the Palestinian deaths and civilian deaths. Very little about Israel.

      The deaths of civilians are caused mostly by the tactics of Hamas. Israel even warns the people in advance that an attack is coming and to get out.

      The Palestinians support, aid and abet Hamas and other terrorists in the mistaken belief they will destroy Israel. It’s a pattern that has been going on for decades.

      Having said that, Israel has its extreme elements that prevent reasonable conclusions. They believe only Israel has a right to the land. Building the settlements and ignoring the plight of hundreds of thousand of Palestinian refugees living under terrible conditions only inflames and generates support for the likes of Hamas.

      This land has been fought over for many, many centuries all caused ultimately by religion in one way or the other. The “solution” for the Jews following WWII was no solution at all failing on both the Arab and Jewish sides.

      Nothing will be resolved until both sides finally agree the other has a right to exist and has the land to do so. I don’t know if that will ever happen given all the extremists on both sides.

      Until then as long as Hamas or others attack Israel unprovoked, there is going to be retaliation and as always the innocent people suffer most and yet no one emerges to say, enough! I don’t recall any unprovoked attacks by Israel, especially indiscriminately at civilians.

      Richard D Quinn



      1. I disagree about how the media is handling the reporting. You may see some articles talking about the death tolls but it is almost sacrilegious for a commentator to outright criticize Israel, lest they be accused of anti-semitism. The statistics are telling: 700 Palestinians dead (most civilians) and 35 Israelis (3 Israeli civilians). The Economist (note, not an American publication) stated it best this week, “War is about conduct as well as aims. Israel is wrong to hit buildings with no evident military purpose and houses packed with civilians, even if they Harbour Hamas fighters or officials and the army gives warnings.” Bottom line, Israel acts with arrogance, impunity and with little regard for human life, other than to use threats to Israeli civilians as an excuse to decimate entire communities in Gaza. Neither side is right but I find the blind defense of Israel regardless of their actions disingenuous.


      2. That’s an interesting commentary, Rob. What would you write if Russian rockets were raining down on Florida from Cuba?


      3. Does anyone consider that reaction is exactly the aim of Hamas; to garner support for their cause by making Israel the villain? It seems to me that Hamas and other mid-east terror groups have aptly demonstrated their lack of concern for innocent human life, including the people who they supposedly represent.

        In addition, since they have ample past experience, what did Hamas and its supporters expect to happen after they started firing rockets? It seems to me that Hamas knows exactly what it is doing… and apparently it’s succeeding.

        R Quinn

        Blog Twitter @quinnscomments



      4. Once again, nuance is lost in a discussion on this site. Israel should vigorously defend themselves but they can’t claim the moral high ground when they are blowing up civilian homes and wiping out entire families. We wouldn’t accept it if our own military was doing that, why are we so accepting when Israel’s military is doing it? And don’t give me the BS that Hamas is winning the propaganda game, it has nothing to do with supporting Hamas and everything to do with viewing Israel’s actions honestly and critically and not through a political prism.


      5. I think you miss the critical point. Israel is not intentionally targeting civilians. If Hamas imbeds it’s rockets etc. among civilian areas how is Israel supposed to deal with this? Equally important is the fact that not one civilian or anyone else would have been killed if Hamas had not started with the rockets.

        As many Israelis have not been killed for two reasons. They are better prepared with shelters and the random nature of the rockets. It’s certainly not because Hamas is not trying.




  3. but of course……once again……obama’s lack luster support of Isreal gives a” wink and a nod” to homas…….to proceed…”.even if with caution”. recall obama’s solution would be to re-draw the boarders back to their 1967 geography….instead of bombs from gaza…..we would have closer bombs from the west bank…..i am sure Israel can’t wait to make this happen.obama’s entire mid-east/Isreal policy is essentially “lifted” from former president jimmy carter’s book on the crisis.


  4. Well said Mr. Quinn, but consider these points:
    The people in the Middle East have been killing each other for thousands of years in the name of various sects of Islam and that will never end
    The borders of the Middle Eastern countries do not align with the tribal populations of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds and those tribal kinships will never change
    The United States cannot export “democracy” to the people in this region who are consumed by hatred, discrimination and bigotry
    The United States destroyed Iraq and killed the only dictator who knew how to govern these barbarian and lawless people
    The United States taught third world “camel jockeys” how to drill for oil and there by sealed our fate to be forever involved because Republicans disavow climate change and will not support alternative energy sources
    After WWII, “The West” gave Israel to the Jews – a small piece of the Middle East which has consumed billions to defend because all of the neighboring nations hate the Jewish people
    “The West” should have given Texas to the Jewish people. They would be much safer there and all we are getting from Texas are idiots like Rick Perry, Ted Cruz and Louie Gomert (to name only a few)
    There is nothing that rational people can do to stop the slaughtering of people in the Middle East. Fewer Muslims means fewer terrorists. Those are the hard cold facts of life.
    Time to face realities.


    1. Welcome back Wilson from your slumber. You have the wrong state it should be Illinois with Socialists like Obama , Durbin, Emmanuel and of course Wilson!


  5. .

    The Mossad fostered Hamas back during the cold war
    as controlled opposition against the Soviet-backed PLO.
    Israelis say they no longer control Hamas. But I wonder.



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