Mr Krugman is my idol

In his op-ed today in the NYT, Paul Krugman said this:

“… extremist ideology still dominating much of American politics is nonsense.”

I agree with him fully except he is talking only about his version of extremism; you know, the kind that would like lower taxes, less government spending and debt and generally less government.

I think the extremist ideology that is nonsense and still dominates much of American politics is the kind that thinks a subsidized premium is affordable health care, the kind that thinks 1% of the population has enough money to pay for everyone else, the kind that promotes populist ideas, but fails to address core problems and instead throws money at people thereby trapping them in mediocrity or the kind that believes that “free” contraceptives are health care; heck even more extreme is using the word “free” in any context. Wait, I forgot one of the best examples, trying to sell the idea that Social Security has nothing to do with federal debt while failing to explain where the money will come from when the Social Security Trust begins to redeem its bonds.

Extremist ideology both left and right is dangerous, let alone nonsense, and so are the people who can see only one side of the coin.

One comment

  1. I’ve long held the opinion that judging the quality of government solely by its size is nonsense. Bigness and smallness do not determine quality. Only wisdom on the part of those in power determines the quality of a government. 100 idiots can do just as much damage as 500 idiots.


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