There is that liberal mindset again 😃 This time it’s health care reform‼️

There is nothing wrong with being enthusiastic, but doesn’t it need to be tempered with a bit of reality or at least be based on actual results. “Incredible success” seems pretty strong for a law that is a long way from proving to be a success both in expanding coverage and managing health care costs. Even the Affordable Care Act’s most ardent supporters (except politicized groups like this one) know the Law will take years to achieve desired goals if it ever does.

Right now Obamacare is held together by hopes and promises and cost shifting among insured individuals, employers, insurance companies and taxpayers. Costs are being managed through tax subsidies, reinsurance, and assorted fees and taxes. The most dramatic aspects of the law affecting insurance are mandates adding to the total cost. Efforts to change the way care is delivered are mainly focused on Medicare and all such efforts are years away from demonstrating effectiveness.

If you like the Law, you see people paying a subsidized premium of $69 a month as successful and you see such coverage extended to eight million out of perhaps forty million without coverage as success. If you don’t like the law, you see costs still rising at three times inflation and you see employers being squeezed by mandates and complex administration. You see employees losing more coverage and paying higher premiums because of the law and most of all you see the very real possibility of a growing unsustainable (without higher taxes, etc) entitlement following the path of Medicare.

But at this point no reasonable person should see “incredible success.”

From the text of an e-mail:

Richard —

This is an invitation to come celebrate with us at headquarters in Chicago.

On President Obama’s birthday this year, OFA is hosting an open house to mark the incredible success of health care reform. And we’ll unveil the permanent record of the people who made it happen — more than 450,000 names of grassroots organizers who deserve their spot in history.


  1. Mumbo jumbo….. For those of us who worked for many years of our lives……and consquently paid for medicare part A, B and D all of those working years…….. it is not an entitlement……. we paid and we continue to pay each and every month in retirement…..and let me tell you what we pay for is “not” what we are getting!!!!!!!!!!
    My Medicare part D (prescriptions) is a farce, you should be at the pharmacy when I pay for life saving prescriptions!!!!!
    I repeat myself……….”tell a lie long enough and people will believe it”……..
    Obama care will not work!!!!!
    To many people are robbing the medicare system with gadgets and electric wheel chairs… things some people actually do need while others get it because they can!!!!!! I actually know some people who have three and four electric wheel chairs…..There is a hospital supply house on every corner waiting to bill medicare……
    Oh and diabetic shoes?…..omg…… what a rip…….. I have two pair that I cannot wear but medicare willingly paid some $500 for them…..
    My husband got a pair and then went to Wal Mart and bought basically the same thing…Dr Shol’s (excuse the spelling) he paid $29.99 for them…… the diabetic shoes was over $300 and he could not wear them!!!!!!!!!
    This is where the graph is…….. billions of $$$$$ just because medicare allows the purchase…. no one over sees this part of the program…….. but we pay for it!!!!!!
    Come on down out of your high rise condo and see how the other half lives and works!!!!!!!
    If everyone worked and paid in, it might have a chance……..GET A JOB people… Pay your fair share, the rest of us worked fifty and sometimes more years…….GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!
    Those of us who worked are tired of carrying your lazy azzzzzzzz’s


  2. It is amazing to me how the republican advocates make a statement one minute and completely put their feet in their mouths the next. In this instance it is in the same paragraph. This proponent states that it will take years to prove it’s worth, but on the other hand they will say and do anything that makes it look as if it has already failed until then. Just like the stand they take to oppose taxes because it burdens them, and besides most of the money goes to support social programs for the needy, poor and “lazy”. Here they are again with this rhetoric and action that they propose themselves to be advocates for the right to life which they feel is a cloak to hide their sins. Yet here they are again saying how precious life is yet doing everything possible to stump it out. Simply hypocritical, to an nth degree. This is their win game strategy that is the same as that of Hitler and the Nazis who believed and implemented the theory that “If the same lie is told often enough, it will just be a matter of time before it is taken as fact”. This is implimented in their “weapons of mass destruction”, “biological and chemical weapons”, “war on wages to better American businesses and hire more people”. There have never existed weapons of mass destruction since their puppet the Shah of Iran was removed. A panel of U.N. inspectors had been and saw to it that these items as destroyed both before and after the first “Gulf War” in the decade of 1980-1990. Again the lie there was “Iraqi soldiers had gone into hospitals and rolled incubating defenseless babies onto the floor and left them to die” The young woman whom gave witness to this was a daughter of one of the ambassadors of Iraq that was proven to be fed this lie and paid for it. Another great lie “Obama will wage a class war and redistribution of wealth”. The fact is that when Obama took office the stock market was under 8,000, today it is over 16,000. Corporate America today is richer and with more capital, than at any other time in American history. Another great lie is government spending is out of control and this has been due to public expenditure led by the Democratic party. What led America to the point of bankruptcy lays in the hand of a fascist republican president named George W. Bush that put over 10 trillion dollars into wars there was no reason for. Wake up America! And to think that this list goes on and on all mostly lies and instituted psychological warfare on the gullible American people whose recall of anything beyond six months is severely impaired. Too many times the republican party and tea parties are allowed to say anything without being confronted with the facts that should be firmly imprinted upon their minds on matters that are extremely critical and of the up most importance. I am one that does not and will not allow them to bullshit me. I just call it like it is.

    Marcus T. Tolbert


    1. Me too Mr Tolbert……. Cut the flowery crap….. when will Americans pull their heads out of their……… the sand…..!
      Like I said , if everyone paid in, it would work, but we have to be politcally correct and say what about the young people?…. Well the young people will be old some day….. they better realize it and pay accordingly…….
      Our generation supported them thru school to get the higher paying jobs……it is their turn!!!!! (I am not politically correct)!!!!!
      I worked darned hard for over fifty years……. and I know people 20, 30 and 40 years younger than I, that is on SSI and making more in $$$$$$ and benefits that I am…… and I am being crucified for demanding a 1.5% cola each year?….Don’t make sense to me….. (new math) Oh and mental gets you Soc Sec…… go figure..
      Seems to me that I and others are being punished for working hard all of those years……. I admit I bring home more $$$$$ than many people…(and I have a hard time at the grocery)…. there are those that worked at minimum paying jobs and only bring in Soc Sec of $560….how are they making it?
      We have out lived our usefulness…. So says Obama….!!!!!!!!
      I repeat……. our generations built this country……… on 50cent an hour jobs, in the 1960’s $2.00/hour was a high paying job!!!!!! You thought you were rich!!!!
      Now if you can spout off numbers, wether they be right or wrong….. you must be right!!!! You sound important anyway!!!!! lol
      All is not fair and dishonesty and laziness “DOES” pay!!!!!!!! Only in America, land of the real entitlements……and land of the experts…….lol


    2. Tolbert tell all my unemployed friends your bs line. You arethe one full of garbage. Obama talks great but never does anything. Like the VA for example. As a veteran I can tell you who is full of it.


      1. Good speak out…. we need dialog.. everyone is a closet expert…. we will only see change if people begin to speak out…..
        We need to listen too.. maybe we can come together and save our nation… maybe not….:(
        Trust me, we cannot depend on our government and politicians to get us out of this……..How many “T”rillions?……… How many now on food stanps and other give-a-way programs?
        Trust me we need to take our country back!!!!!!!!!! and….
        Trust me it is going to take both sides to come together……other than the rich guy.:).. I have read some intelligent conversations here…


      2. Now Obama is now asking for 500 million for another interference in the middle east?
        Who is this guy?……….Where is his head?……
        Hey Obama, I need $1,500 for a clothes dryer and recliner that both bit the burrito this past week…….!!!!!!!!! lol
        Oooooops…….I am 70……. I can’t get hand outs..hmmmm dose’nt hurt to try…….:)


      3. Hey John, lighten up……Tolbert is gutsy but he does make some good points….He is talking………that is a good thingy….. 🙂 Its a start…….. 🙂


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