Dangers of a reductionist national security policy – on being responsible

What do you think of this statement? I think the last sentence is the most critical. I think this mess will be the greatest disaster with long-term implications from the Obama Administration. I urge you to read the full article and comment.

And no, it’s all Bush’s fault won’t cut it anymore, this is 2014 requiring 2014 solutions.

The crisis in Iraq is a flashing warning light about the dangers of a reductionist national security policy that sends a signal of weakness to friends and enemies abroad.

The most immediate crisis is in Mesopotamia. But we can be sure that the Taliban in Afghanistan are watching closely to see if the withdrawal of American forces comes to mean American indifference. Beyond the Hindu Kush, east across the Zagros Mountains and to the north of Iraq, hard-eyed men in Beijing. Tehran and Moscow are also calculating the implications of our handling of this crisis. The stakes could not be higher.

By L. Paul Bremer
Mr. Bremer was U.S. presidential envoy to Iraq in 2003-04. Op-Ed Wall Street Journal 6-16-14


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  1. .

    It’s a circus… and the George HW Bush aircraft carrier and other assorted US warships
    are now in the jaws of the lion [ie, Persian Gulf.]



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