Clueless Americans


I’m a big believer in personal responsibility, awareness both immediate and historical, long-term thinking and planning; how hard is that in today’s instant information world?

That’s why I find information like that shown below so incredulous, nay depressing. Do the majority of Americans actually go through life with their heads up their butts? πŸ˜•. On the other hand, I just learned this morning who Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is, I guess all this has equal weight in life.

From the Kaiser a Family Foundation:

In the final days of open enrollment, the poll finds a third (34%) of the uninsured remain unaware of the law’s requirement that nearly all Americans obtain health insurance or pay a fine.

About six in ten (61%) don’t know that the end of March is the deadline to sign up for coverage. When reminded of the mandate and deadline, half say they plan to remain uninsured, four in ten plan to obtain coverage and one in ten are unsure.



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  1. I know many people who refuse to watch the news. Too busy with their own agenda, then they look at you like you are the one that is wrong. We have lost the will to hold ourselves and others accountable. Our Politicians are gutless rich arrogant snobs, and think we are their serfs.


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