March 31 Obamacare deadline extended … sort of, kind of, sometimes


Politico is reporting:

The Obama administration says it will extend the March 31 deadline for signing up for health care for people who have had trouble finishing enrollment. The “special enrollment period” will be targeted at people who begin the process before the deadline but who encounter problems or who have complicated family situations, officials said.

In other words, if you waited until the last minute, no problem. It’s not clear what a complicated family situation means.

Where have I heard all this before?


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  1. Please extend this enrollment..for those who are having problems deciding which one to get as there are so many..and especially for those who cannot afford high premiums..


  2. I feel that this healthcare sign up should be extended until end of least..this is very confusing to some people..on which one to get..and what they cover..etc..please estend this at least to end of april, 2014.


  3. This was a dumb Law in 2010, but now it is so laughable that it isn’t funny anymore. Everyday all this does is make the Democratic Politicians look more stupid. But then, I want all Politicians to get out of our lives.


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