“Unaffordable” income inequality


We seem to live by buzzwords and platitudes without examining the depth of claims or the true source of our concerns.

Politicians are good at creating and propagandizing these words. Four years ago we began with “unaffordable” health care and with that charged ahead not to truly make health care affordable, but to subsidize the current system.

The “war on poverty” did not eliminate or even significantly reduce poverty, but made those in poverty more comfortable; a cruel hoax that perpetuated the state of poverty. For example, why do we continue to isolate and stigmatize the poor in Medicaid when they could enroll in an Obamacare exchange like everyone else?

Today the word is “inequality.” Of course there is inequality. The facts show that great wealth is concentrated in relatively few people, but is that the real problem? No matter; inequality will be used in efforts to redistribute wealth as if there is a finite amount of wealth and much of it has been taken unfairly from the masses.

Shouting “inequality” gets attention and sells to the uninformed. It does nothing to help those in need. Do we really want equality of income and wealth? Rather, we want programs that actually prepare Americans at all levels for jobs and with the ability to progress to higher levels. This can be done moving spending from current outdated programs benefiting people who don’t need it to programs targeted at getting people out of the poverty cycle.

But even this is only part of the equation. Nothing will work without the drive, motivation, initiative and effort of those we desire to help. That may seem obvious, but after years, even generations, of being motivated to the status quo, the obvious may not be easy for many people to express.

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  1. Well of course the “inequality thing”is the latest rage among Progressives. Inequality sounds unfair but equal- so fair and democratic, even American.Look at newly elected “progressive”Mayor Di Blasio who wants to institute pre-k in the schools (by raising taxes on the rich). He also wants to keep open hospitals earmarked for closure by former Mayor Bloomberg so the poor can continue to receive their fair share of care.

    Its all about making things more fair and equal . Or is it about payback to the teacher’s union that supported his run for Mayor or the hospital workers union who did likewise. We have gotten to the point where it is virtually impossible to discuss “equality” without engaging in political rancor.

    Growing up in a small mostly lower middle class community we (my self and my friends) kind of knew who was really bad off …families that were really poor and did not have anywhere near the government support provided today. And yet I don’t remember anyone blaming those who were better off for their economic state. And it really did not matter if you were a Republican or Democrat or what religion you were.So what happened?


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