The sad state of retirement savings


This is based on a survey of people in Washington state, but there is no reason to think these folks are unique. It’s really scary stuff. Please make sure you read the full story here.

A quarter of respondents (24%) or approximately 462,000 Washingtonians between 45-64, have less than $25,000 in savings.


  1. Once there are enough retired people living in poverty there will be great pressure on politicians to level the playing field by raiding the accounts of savers and transferring wealth through the tax code. Politicians will view the morality of such a move as secondary to garnering votes. As you can tell, the older I get the more cynical I become.


    1. Sadly isn’t that always the case? People make poor decisions their whole lives, end up with one problem or another for which others must assume responsibility. Those individuals who truly and honestly need assistance through no fault of their own are few and far between, but politicians are incapable of making any distinction and so are many others who believe they are actually helping while they are enabling.


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