A sad state of affairs in America

From Gallup Politics

April 17, 2013
Majority in U.S. Want Wealth More Evenly Distributed
And 52% support heavy taxes on the rich to redistribute wealth
by Frank Newport

The majority of Americans believe that money and wealth in the U.S. should be more evenly distributed, and a slight majority support the idea of the government helping to achieve that goal by “heavy” taxes on the rich. The idea that the distribution of money and wealth is unfair has been evident in survey responses since 1984, with only minor fluctuations from measure to measure. But, Americans have over the past 15 years typically been more evenly divided on the idea that the government should intervene with heavy taxes — although they now appear to lean more in the redistributionist direction than they did back in 1939.

Inequality is and will continue to be one of the most important domestic political issues. President Barack Obama has consistently pushed for measures that he believes would provide those at the bottom end of the socioeconomic spectrum a fairer chance to succeed, and has coupled that with consistent arguments for higher taxes on those with high incomes and wealth. At this point, the American public would generally agree with Obama that wealth should ideally be more evenly distributed — and a modest majority, consisting mainly of Democrats and independents, appears to support the idea of bringing about that redistribution through heavier taxes on the rich.

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If you agree with the above please tell us why.

Work hard, become successful even wealthy so you can be heavily taxed to allow the government to somehow redistribute the fruits of your labor to others … exactly how does that work? What has the government been doing with our taxes for the last hundred years?

Money should be more evenly distributed? Let me get this right, somewhere out there money is being printed, but whomever distributes it to Americans is not doing it correctly. That SOB is giving money to too few people no doubt influenced by the wealth lobby!

Success is not taking from others, it’s earning your success and there are untold programs currently available to those who need help doing so. What can’t be redistributed is drive, ambition, initiative, creativity and plain old hard work.



  1. Country Year 2000 CEO compensation as a multiple of average employee compensation*
    US 531
    Brazil 57
    Venezuela 54
    South Africa 51
    Argentina 48
    Malaysia 47
    Mexico 45
    Hong Kong 38
    Singapore 37
    Britain 25
    Thailand 23
    Australia 22
    Netherlands 22
    Canada 21
    China (Shanghai) 21
    Belgium 19
    Italy 19
    Spain 18
    New Zealand 16
    France 16
    Taiwan 15
    Sweden 14
    Germany 11
    South Korea 11
    Switzerland 11
    Japan 10


  2. Anyone can have a greater share of my income and my wealth. All they need to do is work as hard as I did, go to college and graduate school (four degrees) and fund it out of pocket (except for the part funded by my Army service). Work full time, then, go to school in the evenings and weekends for 13 years, Most recent degree awarded earlier this year, in an effort to “sharpen the saw” as I headed into my second career.

    Go, on, you can do it – just as I did (no reality TV folks, no “survivor”, no sitcoms, no hanging out in bars or partying). Work 60+ hours every week (an average, generally > 60 hours most weeks) for the last 34 years. Unlike small business owners, I never had much money at risk, and I never risked other people’s money either. Nope, that is all wages, working for someone else. Perhaps not smart, but, proof anyone can do it who is willing to commit it all to advancing from a few years at minimum wage, two years in the Army, then, push,. push, push.

    Even at my advanced age (almost 61), you can join me today at 4:50AM on my way to Kansas City, for a full day that won’t end until after 11PM (all times eastern).


      1. I worked those kind of hours long after age 60. I was at work at 6:00 am and left at 6:00 pm worked at home and never had a vacation that I didn’t work in done way. I went to school for nine years at night while raising four children and for over twenty-years I also ran a small business while working those 60 hour weeks which helped putting four children through college. If I have an income and net worth you see as inequality, then you have a very strange perspective on life and what it takes to achieve success and that’s no BS.


      2. I’ll be 62 in six months. You are right that I am exhausted. And, you should hear my spouse and my two adult children (ages 29 and 25). So, I have committed to either engineering a change in my travel schedule (I can still work 60+ hours a week sitting behind a desk – as I did the last four weeks, I came off the road the 1st week in December) or moving on to a new employer.

        Anyone out there looking for a benefits weenie with almost 35 years of corporate benefits experience at five different Fortune 500 firms?

        I don’t need money – but I do need stimulation, a willingness to innovate, to push the envelope.


  3. The problem is that the administration and media has painted a picture of the successful people in this country as Warren Buffet and Mitt Romney. In reality, the typical success is the local landscaper who started on a crew, wanted more for himself and took a risk to open his own business and now has 7 crews, employs 30 people and probably earns a mid six figure income. Does that guy deserve to have his wealth redistributed? How about the guy who comes from a poor family, joins corporate America, puts himself through school at night, comes to work early, leaves late, stands out by doing more than his job description and moves up the ranks and now makes enough to live a nice life, send his kids to college and maybe take a nice vacation every year? Does that guy deserve to have his wealth redistributed? You don’t become successful in any career by “just doing your job”. What most don’t understand is that successful people take risks, work harder than the next person and sacrifice in order to succeed. The ultimate incentive to do all of those things is to build a better life for your family. Reduce or redistribute that incentive away and less and less people will be willing to take those risks or go that extra mile. That is exactly what has happened in Europe. There is a reason that Europe is not a leader in new technological, scientific or industrial breakthroughs, because the people there are not rewarded for taking the risk and spending the time and money it takes to achieve those breakthroughs.


    1. Rob R., Well put. Government is breeding a whole society of “victims” where nothing is there fault and think government should provide for there every need.. Yet many people in this country think we should follow Europe’s flawed example in everything.


    2. Just like your landscaper example above, my cousin started by cleaning porta-pots and septic tanks when he graduated from high school. He now owns his own successful business. And even though he still literally has his hands in the business, he is one of the “rich” that is targeted due to his gross income. (pun NOT intended)
      The line in the commentary “What can’t be redistributed is drive, ambition, initiative, creativity and plain old hard work” pretty much sums it up.
      Even Russia and China are giving up on the purest forms of Communism, because they have found that it breads collective laziness.


  4. That is so wrong. The government already takes to much of my money in the many forms of taxes they create, and they want more all the time. I am far from the top 1%


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