Disabled you say, perhaps but … When political correctness goes too far

English: Parking meter

This morning I picked my wife up from her exercise class. As I was waiting, two women from her class walked out of the building and got into their cars; both parked in handicapped spots … think about it!

Last week I was on vacation (how does that work when you are retired?) and visited a historic home. We were not allowed on the second floor even though it was fully restored and furnished, the reason; there was no handicapped access in this ninety year old home so state law would not allow anyone to visit. Is that what you call reverse discrimination?

In Florida (and many other localities) anyone with a handicapped sticker does not have to pay for metered parking. Are handicapped people automatically financially challenged? The rationale as far as I could determine is that it is difficult for the handicapped person to get to the meter. So, they can get out of the car onto the sidewalk and into the store, but not to the meter? If the handicapped person is not the driver, the rationale is …

On closer inspection of some parking meters in Florida I found the money slot was facing the street making access between parked vehicles more difficult for anyone. In other states the meter faces the sidewalk thereby making the deposit of money equal for all drivers and passengers who eventually will reach the sidewalk. Here is a tip Florida, turn your meters around and make everyone pay.

There are several assumptions we set policy by and several that need reassessment; anyone over 65 is poor (and deserving of discounts), income is the only measure of wealth, a handicapped sticker actually means your disabled.

Fraud in using handicapped parking stickers has its own website, take a look at handicappedfraud.org


  1. It’s the vehicle that is marked as “handicapped” (not the person), so anyone driving that vehicle parks close to the door and sometimes free of charge. I see it everyday. Anyone got a better idea? Maybe we stencil their foreheads “HANDICAPPED”?


    1. Not so…. The handicap placard is registered to the handicapped person and may be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. The problem is that is it practically unenforceable. Unless an enforcement officer happened to witness and require identification of the person parking the car to to determine their validity, there is no way to determine whether a vehicle with a handicap placard is parked legally. I suspect that patrolling handicap parking spots is low on law enforcements priority list.


      1. Like I said, the vehicle is marked with a plate or a placard and can be verified at a glance, but I don’t think an officer is going to wait for the driver to come out of WalMart to check their ID.


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