Can you be a health care consumer? Do you care about the quality of health care you receive?

Here is some logic from an “expert.” This is the way people think who believe informed consumers with information will shop (with more of their own money) for health care the way the do for a new car. I believe there is a big difference between shopping for health care and everything else. I also believe there is a big difference between highly elective cosmetic procedures such as LASIK and serious health concerns. Do you not care about the quality of health care because most of the cost is paid by insurance?

Hertzlinger, professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School, believes transparency is key. “Right now, you can get more and better information about the quality and price of a container of yogurt than you can about the quality of a surgeon’s work compared to his or her peers — or the price of a medical test or procedure. Transparency in health care leads to better outcomes at lower costs. When consumers have access to reliable information about price and quality, their choices lead to lower prices and better quality. We see this for example with Lasik eye surgery. Because it’s optional, consumers are spending their own money. Because they’re spending their own money, they care about quality and price. As a result, in recent years the quality of Lasik has improved, while the cost has decreased by about 30 percent.”. From CommonHealth

This is one of the most important issues we all face because it forms the basis for significant policy decisions. It’s time to speak up. Are you prepared to be a health care consumer by making decisions about your and your families care based on the prices charged?

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  1. I agree with this comment. Intelligent consumers need frank and objective comments about physicians and other health care providers.


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