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I’m note sure I will be able to vote this year. Because of Sandy I had to flee my home state for heat and power. I’m going to try and make it back tomorrow before the polls close, but we will see.

I missed one other election I felt was important; it was my first and I missed being eligible by one day. That was in 1964. I wanted to vote for Barry Goldwater in the worst way, but election day was the day before my 21st birthday.

I just read an article that said many young voters who were thrilled with electing the first black president in 2008 aren’t going to vote this year; it’s no big deal now so why bother. At least they could help us get out of the mess we are in and by the way, one they put us in in the first place.

I am not thrilled with Romney, but I am truly concerned about four more years of the Obama ideology. I’ve had people tell me they support Obama because he eliminated don’t ask, don’t tell, he gave women free birth control or kids can now stay on their patent health insurance until age 26. It seems to me these are not compelling reasons to build up the entitlement state while misleading people into believing the costs will be borne by someone else. Many people simply do not realize Europeans pay a 22% value added tax on everything they buy, high income taxes and high fees for obtaining a drivers license, etc. not to mention $8.00 or more for a gallon of gas. All this “free” stuff being promised has a high price. These are not reasons to support a person who dwells on creating scapegoats, circumvents the rule of law as was the case with GM, executive appointments, and the bureaucratic discretion contained within Obamacare and virtually encourages class envy if not warfare.

How do you express your feelings when something just doesn’t feel right? What happened to ending partisanship with Congress, to change? If anything, we are more divided than in 2008. How do you reconcile today’s promises with the burden created for the next generations? How do you vote for a leader who does not understand leadership?

However, regardless of your political preferences, be sure and vote!


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    • Good bye fool. You just don’t want to hear the truth. All those BO fans, if he gets in again I hope who ever voted for him will be happy with the NON-RESULTs and the irreversible damage this idiot has and will cause.


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