Hey, I’m on the dole too! Romney and the 47%

I’m sitting in my office (Panera Bakery) eavesdropping on conversations. Hey, it’s quite educational and entertaining; don’t knock it.

The topic of the day is Romney and his 47% remarks. People are either ticked or making a joke out of it “Hey, I’m in the 47% I’m on the dole.”

I know that deep inside Romney’s remarks there is truth and logic, we have become an entitlement society and more of the same is being promoted by our President which will lead to nothing good for future generations. That fact notwithstanding, Romney is a boob who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut or when he does talk, doesn’t know how to say something of fact the mere middle class can comprehend.

By Romney’s ill-stated position I’m on the dole as well (ignoring the fact I worked for forty-eight years and pay considerable state and federal income taxes). I collected veterans benefits to help pay for nine years of night school, I’m collecting Social Security and Medicare and I even get a discount on National Park admissions just because I’m old.

Romney’s inability to state a valid position coupled with his growing persona of being out of touch is why Obama is going to win the election. Obama knows how to play on individual fears and to create a victim and entitlement mentality. He knows how to find and set up scapegoats and to distract people from the reality of hard choices. He knows how to dismiss the serious problems like Social Security and Medicare because he tells people what they desperately want to believe … that there is no real problem and that any problems we do have can be solved without affecting them.

Mr Obama in another time and another country would be in a perfect position to become the unquestioned single authority in power. His pattern, his rhetoric, his ability to avoid responsibility while placing blame elsewhere are reminiscent of many leaders history would like to forget. Thankfully, we are facing only four more years.

Mr Obama’s favorable position is no doubt delighting the liberal left as is the new Romneyspeak. Four years from now they may not be as happy with receiving what they asked for.


  1. This election may come down to whether the election is more like voting for high school class president or instead choosing who is most likely to suceed.


  2. I do not believe that us Seniors were the people he was talking about in his remarks. But we all know that there are people who refuse to work or have never worked and receive welfare and food stamps. These are the people that have “NO SKIN in the GAME”.


    1. Perhaps not, but the fact is you can’t get to the 47% without including seniors which points out the problem with his statement. He doesn’t think it through and like most politicians he over generalized. However, the fact remains SS and Medicare are the two largest social programs and the largest drag on the budget and deficit earned by Americans or not.


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