Shooting the messenger … listen to the truth about Social Security and Medicare

A few years ago I saw a video of Gov Christie of New Jersey giving a talk to a group of state union members. He was talking about their pensions and benefits. As you may suspect he was roundly and loudly booed, so much so he could not say much.

He finally said, why are you booing me, I’m telling you the truth. The people who promised you all these benefits we can’t afford and that they didn’t fund are the ones you should be mad at.

For the most part, the audience didn’t want to hear that. All they knew was here was the Governor telling them he was going to cut benefits and charge them more.

If I substituted Paul Ryan for Christie and all Americans for the union members in the audience it would be the same story only now we are talking about Medicare and Social Security.

For years politicians have “improved” these benefits, set their costs on auto pilot escalation, promised us the world and failed to fund (meaning tax us) these obligations that now have liabilities in the trillions of dollars. The Social Security trust fund is being depleted, and the Medicare health insurance trust will be gone in a few years.

Rather than shoot the messenger it’s time we listened to the message and demand real solutions not only to keep the United States from sliding further into mediocrity, but equally important to assure that our children and grandchildren have a future with opportunity rather than one of debt and taxes the likes of which we have not seen.

One comment

  1. The mind-set is not so hard to figure out.

    I don’t want it to be true. Therefore it’s not true. Anyone who thinks otherwise is at best stupid, at worst immoral. And anyone who says otherwise is lying.

    Ah, the fruits of our public education system.


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