I have Romney’s tax returns

So you want to know about Romney’s tax returns. Here is what they show.

He made four hundred twenty times the average American family income. More than half of his income comes from capital gains. He takes advantage of every provision in the tax code to minimize his taxes.

In other words he is just like most other Americans (except the 47% who don’t pay income taxes) only on a grander scale … so what!

Average Americans, not the extreme wealthy, do the most cheating on taxes; you know, cash income is not taxable, right? READ THIS

Millions upon millions of Americans own stock and pay 15% on dividend income and capital gains (and take the risk while doing so) just like Romney. Millions of seniors invest in municipal bonds for tax free income (including me).

Romney is more financially successful than me and about 99.8% of all Americans … so what!

Stop insulting me by trying to divert my attention from what is really important. Show me a long-term viable strategy to deal with economic growth, tax reform, the debt and deficit, Social Security and Medicare reform. Show me how the United States is not going to be follower, but leader on the world scene. Set an example of leadership by working and compromising with all members of Congress.

One comment

  1. Romney has too much money that has been stolen from the proletariat of our worker’s paradise, comrade! Oh wait, the comisar commissions of each community haven’t started, yet. FORWARD is the Wisconsin state slogan, and Obama can borrow it, but can’t claim it as his own. Governor Walker just got voted in a 2nd time to show the crybaby whiners who lost before, that they lost again. Get used to it.


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