Obamacare and the Supreme Court-insurers and Republicans like the goodies too

At least one major insurer has announced that regardless of the Supreme Courts decision, some of the Obamacare changes will stay; coverage for children until age twenty-six, unlimited benefits and 100% coverage for preventive services are on the list.

Some Republicans who would love to see Obamacare struck down are also more worried about political perception than there supposed social philosophy and would also keep the things people like in the law – all the give but no take – that is. Add to that keep gradual elimination of the Medicare drug donut hole plus reinstatement of Flexible Spending Account benefits and you get only the best of both worlds – and higher premiums of course.

The sticky issue is providing coverage with pre-existing conditions. UnitedHealthcare says it will provide such coverage if all other insurers do the same. For only a handful of insurers to waive underwriting rules would be disastrous for them and their policyholders. Adverse selection would eventually drive up premiums and put them out of business.

So, as may be expected politicians and insurers are prepared to keep us happy and keep the things we like about health care reform while doing away with those things designed to manage costs. I hope we like the results of such pandering.



Categories: Healthcare

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