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Human nature is a scary thing-the parking conundrum

I admit it, I’m obsessed. I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would intentionally park his or her car next to another car or between two other cars when an easy alternative exists. What am I missing here, is it simply the herding instinct? After all, being close to another car increases the risk of a ding or scratch and certainly makes it less comfortable getting in and out of the car.

I parked my car next to the tree and was the first car in the lot. Now I’m being spooned on two sides.

I am at a loss finding any advantage. This is a conundrum alright (do you get the idea I like that word?) or maybe it’s just that Americans don’t like to walk any further than necessary no matter what.

Let’s have your ideas on why people (and maybe you) do this!


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