Left/Right where the heck is the center?

Long time Senator Richard Lugar was defeated in a recent primary in favor of a candidate supported by the Tea Party.  Rush Limbaugh is beside himself with joy.  Granted Sen. Lugar is 80 years old and has been on the job for thirty-five years and since I strongly favor term limits and not congressional careers, he should have retired long ago, but that’s not the point.

Lugar is known for taking a bi-partisan approach in dealing with issues. It seems to me that the last thing this Country needs now is a Congress with its members at the extreme ends of a tug if war with the American people on the abyss of the mud pit in the center of the rope.

I don’t think we are getting anywhere!

During the health care reform debate, Republicans moaned (and rightly so)  about the Democratic-controlled Congress doing pretty much what it wanted and ignoring or belittling any opposing ideas.  However, by throwing out middle of the roaders seeking compromise and results in favor of the far right and their singular point of view, aren’t Republicans hoping to do the same thing for which they attacked Democrats?  Just askin…

If all we have is the extreme left and the extreme right banging heads or worse if we elect a great majority of either party, we are going nowhere.  Well, in fact, we are going somewhere and I doubt we will like it when we arrive.


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