Why do my health insurance premiums keep going up?

Why do health insurance premiums keep rising? Good question; the answer is simple and complicated. The simple part is because health care costs keep rising, the complicated part is why.

I have written a lengthy discussion on this topic on the Health Insurance Illuminated blog.

I urge you to take a look here.


  1. Thanks again for the nice summary on health insurance cost increases.

    It seems inevitable to me that the dreaded and unspoken word “rationing” will eventually enter the picture.

    The boomer generation ( a member in good standing am I ) cannot have unlimited joint replacements surgeries, heart surgeries, etc. without bankrupting the younger generations. I have not yet heard the word rationing uttered by any politician. The conversatoin will not get serious until it does.


    1. You are 100% correct. “Rationing” is as deadly politically as is reforming Social Security. In reality, we may all receive better health care if there was a little rationing going on, that is in better defining and providing necessary health care.


      Richard D Quinn Editor

      Visit these blogs:


      Health Insurance Illuminated http://blog.horizonblue.com/


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