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Is it time to rethink aid to North Korea? When humanitarian aid is not so humane

In return for some vague, quite meaningless agreement on nuclear weapons with North Korea the US has pledged to send 240,000 tons of food to that Country. Such aid is not unique. The US began shipping food aid to North Korea in 1997 as a result of its famine, many others countries have and still do provide such aid. See this article for more details.

But all this aid does little to solve the real problems. First, the Country has a policy of the army first. In other words, the food goes to the army first, not the people. Second, it’s dictatorship spends its resources on its military rather than on infrastructure and argriculture thus assuring ongoing food issues.

How can this decades long cycle be changed if we keep supporting their ability not to change? It may sound harsh, even cruel to suggest such aid be stopped, but sometimes pain precedes a cure.

How do you deal rationally with irrational people?


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