More on Does Medicare work?

If you read my first post on this topic you recall I questioned Paul Krugman’s position that Medicare is less bureaucratic than private insurance.

To further make my point here is a summary of what is happening with Medicare’s Accountable Care Organizations. This text was prepared By Kaiser Health News.

Accountable Care Organizations

Allows providers organized as accountable care organizations (ACOs) that voluntarily meet quality thresholds to share in the cost savings they achieve for the Medicare program.Implementation: January 1, 2012 Implementation update: On April 7, 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services published a proposed rule in the Federal Register defining Accountable Care Organizations and set out requirements for governance, legal structure, transparency efforts and the incorporation of evidence-based medicine and quality efforts. HHS also released facts sheets for providers and consumers, as well as fact sheets on legal issues and quality scoring in ACOs. The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice issued a joint policy statement on antitrust issues related to ACOs. On May 20, 2011, CMS issued a request for applications for the Pioneer ACO Program, which is targeted at organizations that can demonstrate the improvements in quality and cost-savings of a mature ACO.

There you go Professor, four government agencies just to begin the process of creating another bureaucratic process, not to mention the proposed rules issued by HHS generated a great deal of negative comment from various sources because they are cumbersome and complex.  “Less bureaucratic than private insurance,” … only from the conscious of a liberal.

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