The latest rumor on the Internet, fact, fiction or fantasy

I am beginning to understand how politicians are so successful.  It appears the average person believes almost anything and is more than willing to pass it on without regard to fact or figure.  Witness the constant barrage of rumor e-mail that circulates on the Internet.  Some of these stories are so bizarre I wonder how anyone can pass them along as fact with doing some checking.  And checking is relatively easy, just Google the topic and instantly you are presented with the facts, nearly always refuting the nonsense you have read.  If nothing comes up you can be sure you are about to make a bologna sandwich.

Here is the latest,

“Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya and operates a secret Pepsi canning company producing new cans with the Pledge of Allegiance on them leaving out the words “Under God.” Since members of Congress pay no Social Security tax he pockets the money to fund a magic ink company specializing in changing birth certificates. This company will receive additional funding from the taxes you will pay next year on the sale of your home and the value of your employer health insurance.”

Now, if I get this in an e-mail I am moving to China where at least someone monitors the Internet.

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