“Pretty soon spending cuts will fall by the wayside”

In January 2009, President of the United State...
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From the Wall Street Journal:

Ben Nelson of Nebraska, up for re-election in November 2012: “Raising taxes at a time when our economy remains fragile takes us in the wrong direction.” He adds: “If we start with plans to raise taxes, pretty soon spending cuts will fall by the wayside.”

And that is the essence of the issue. Raising taxes simply distracts from the real problem of spending. The history of Congress is clear, it finds a way to spend every penny it has available and much more. Raising taxes to solve a spending problem is bad policy, but most important it never solves the problem. If you don’t believe it, how much of the last five increases in your family income did you save as opposed to finding ways to spend?

At a recent news conference President Obama uttered these words:

“I’d rather be talking about stuff that everybody welcomes, like new programs.”

And there you have it in a few words, the essence of the problem facing the United States. We all welcome new programs, affordable or not and without regard to the unintended (often long-term)  consequences.  It really doesn’t matter who is president, the fact is that once hooked, Americans become addicted to their entitlements, but less hooked on paying for them.

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