Will wellness visit the hospital?

I was recently in a hospital waiting area and decided I needed a cup of coffee so off to the cafeteria I went.

I found Dunkin Donuts coffee no less plus an array of pastries and eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, grits with lots of butter and even corned beef hash. Of yeah, somewhere in the corner there was oatmeal too.

This is a hospital? Then I thought, well they are in the business of treating the unwell are they not. This is the fourth hospital in two states that I have been in in the last month and they are all the same in their “healthy” culinary selections. One hospital even had a McDonalds in the lobby.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Employers are spending millions on wellness programs and education, we are glued to the TV watching the Biggest Loser and the First Lady is trying to educate about obesity while our nations hospitals are doing their best to reverse any progress.

I always knew hospitals were a unhealthy place to be, but “do you want fries with that?” seems a bit over the top.

This has got to be an plot perpetrated by the medical industrial complex and of course the Tea Party

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