Why are we subsidizing the “wealthy” to buy a car and giving them additional tax breaks?

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Let me see if I have this organized in my mind.

Generally speaking the Democrats are the party of fair share as in the “wealthy” don’t pay their fair share and thus should pay higher taxes and certainly are not entitled to government subsidizes, got it.

At the same time they are the party of green. Wind turbines, solar power, electric cars and light bulbs that look like a Dairy Queen cone. Check!  I believe I have also heard a great deal about the need for more investment in infrastructure, roads and all that, agreed.

Enter the Volt electric car (well partially electric anyway). The Volt sells for about $40,000, hardly in the price range for a “working” American (remember if you earn more than $50,000 you don’t actually work for your money). In the $40,000 range it is a low-end luxury car, like a C Class Mercedes. So who buys such cars? The wealthy do.  Stay with me here.


If you buy a Volt you get a $7,500 subsidy from the government because you too are now green although I suspect the Joneses will not be green with envy at your purchase. Ta da, we are subsidizing the wealthy to buy a car. [And we are encouraging other folks to buy something they probably can’t afford]

Our cohesive strategy gets better.

Remember that infrastructure issue we have?  How do we fund the construction and maintenance of our roads and bridges? Well a big chunk of it comes from the tax on each gallon of gas we use. Hence every mile driven in an electric car is less money available to maintain our roads not to mention more demand on our electric generation system.

I SAID plug in the CAR!!!!!

So there you have it, we are subsidizing the wealthy when they buy a car and giving them an additional tax break (the good news is they still have to use those stupid light bulbs like the rest of us).

What a tangled web we weave.  Ain’t central planning grand?

In the interest of full disclosure and so that I don’t get accused of using half-truths, let’s face it, no self-respecting wealthy person is actually going to buy a Volt and no self-respecting politician is going to let the opportunity for a new tax on electricity go to waste.  No wonder I feel so at home when I am in Europe.


  1. Great post, the whole system is ridiculous. I saw that little GM gem and wouldn’t give it garage room even if I could afford it. Then when you go to charge it up the electric bill would go out of site. I’ll stick with my electric golf cart and gas car that gets 30MPG.


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