“Immigration” reform, what’s that all about?

I’m on David’s list, see I received the following e-mail directly from Mr. Axelrod.  Apparently the next big get er done goal is immigration reform.  I’m getting a little nervous about this “damn the torpedoes, full speed approach” to changing America, but hey, I am not one of the 52% who voted for change.  I don’t know who Cecilia Muñoz is, but I am guessing she is not Canadian or Polish or German or even Russian.  When there is talk of immigration reform and action such as taken by Arizona, I don’t hear the Italian American Club complaining.  Could it be that we are not talking about immigration reform at all, but rather we are talking about dealing with the problem of Mexicans crossing our boarders illegally?  Do we need reform to deal with this problem, sure we do. But this administration, indeed all politicians seem unable to say it like it is.  Health care reform became insurance reform because people like to hate insurance companies.  Apparently, nobody likes to talk about Mexicans or Hispanics doing illegal things so we simply lump all immigrants into the reform package rhetoric when we all know the real issue.  Ain’t political correctness just grand?  Look we need immigrants from Mexico and a lot of other places, but we need legal, productive immigrants who are willing to give as much as they want to take.  And if they want to be Americans, well then they should be Americans, not Mexicans or Jamaicans or Poles living in America. 
Why do we have to make everything so complicated?

Good morning,

In a time of unprecedented challenges, President Obama has risen to meet them in unprecedented ways. And today, the President will be addressing yet another issue our nation has faced for decades — our broken immigration system. In a major speech at American University at 10:45 a.m. EDT, the President will make the clear case for comprehensive immigration reform.

The President believes that we must have a practical, common-sense approach that reflects our heritage and our history — as a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. Government must be accountable for enforcing the law, businesses that seek unfair advantages over competitors must be accountable for exploiting the system, and those who break the law must be accountable as well.

But as always, the President will put it more eloquently than I can, so tune in for the speech streamed live at WhiteHouse.gov at 10:45 a.m. EDT. If you miss it, at 1:00 p.m. EDT, you can still join Cecilia Muñoz, one of the President’s closest advisors on this issue, who will be taking questions from Americans all over the country in a unique online roundtable.

Watch the SpeechThe President has already signed the Recovery Act, historic reforms of our health care system, and soon the most comprehensive financial reform since the Great Depression. He has also made clear that passing comprehensive energy and climate legislation to make America the leader in the clean energy economy is an urgent need.

But the President did not come into office only to leave pressing problems for the next President. Virtually everybody in America agrees that our immigration system is broken — it is only a matter of all political sides coming to the table and mustering the political will to solve the problem. Neither of the extreme approaches — deportation of 11 million undocumented workers on the one hand, or amnesty for those that broke the law on the other — is going to work. We have to work together.


David Axelrod
Senior Advisor to the President

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